2009-10-08 09:10:20
AeronautX and infoWERK develop JAR FCL 2010
As a flight school in today?s challenging business environment you need every advantage possible. In response to industry demands for more accessible and operational training, as well as for lower training costs, infoWERK has been offering JAR FCL e-learning solutions for a couple of years now.

The new Joint Aviation Requirements for Flight Crew Licensing (JAR?FCL 2010) have been finalized for all categories of pilot licences so as to permit use of licences and ratings without further formality in any of the participating States.

Since infoWERK as a web-based training provider is keen to keep up with industry standards and keep its products up-to-date it has started a new project in cooperation with AeronautX. In 1998 infoWERK and AeronautX developed the OPS Training according to JAR FCL 2007. The update project JAR FCL 2010 is now under development starting in August 2009 and being completed in May 2010.

The new JAR FCL 2010 Training is another example of infoWERK?s dedication to constantly improving its products to address its customers? training needs.

Like the JAR FCL 2007, each course of JAR FCL 2010 will be a combination of multimedia-based training, text- and workbook, questions, and presentations for classroom training. If available, already existing training material of your organization will be implemented.

The JAR FCL 2010 training solutions will provide you with:

  • High quality training material based on infoWERK?s experience
  • Learning management solutions for student tracking and record keeping
  • Lower cost of training
  • Reduced down time for pilots and instructors
  • Increased student retention due to operationally focused courseware
  • Solutions in line with regulatory changes regarding distance learning
  • A full set of?examination questions?

If you are interested in our new JAR FCL 2010 Training please?contact us.

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