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Message to the Readers: Multimedia-based Training at Wideroe - Experience Report of an Airline

Wideroe Flyveselskap AS is the largest regional airline in Scandinavia, with a staff of 1,400 and a turnover of NOK 2.9 billion. The company carries around 2 million passengers annually and flies to more than 40 domestic and 6 international destinations, including summer routes. Wideroe has close to 400 take-offs and landings every day and operates more than twice as many airports in Norway than any other airline. Today their network consists of 60% commercial routes, and 40% PSO routes (Public Services Obligations).

The challenges of the airline are 5 months of winter with lack of daylight and demanding weather conditions, steep non-precision approaches, some short sectors 10-20 minutes flight-time, 23 short field destinations or 800 meter runways. Such challenges require an absolutely reliable and sophisticated training. Wideroe offers training both for maintenance, pilots and cabin crew and in addition training for ground staff. The company has a full-size cabin simulator as well as Flight Training Devices used both for maintenance staff and pilots.

Wideroe Flyveselskap AS started with e-learning already in 2001. They were looking for products on the market and very soon experienced that infoWERK could delivered perfect courses for them. Sture Jensen, responsible for Wideroe`s e-learning systems ordered the first infoWERK product, the De-Anti-Icing training program which was a custom-designed courseware in Norwegian language using Wideroe?s own De-Icing/Anti-Icing procedures. Already then Sture Jensen was pleased with the developed training and declared that the program was the right thing to do. He also stated that until then such training systems had only had limited use in the company and that this would certainly change in the future. That was about 10 years ago and they have made great efford to realize their plan. From then on infoWERK has supplied a lot of other multimedia-based training products to the Norwegian airline, among them the DHC-8-100/300 training for pilots and technicians, the Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety or the new EWIS training.??
"The cooperation with InfoWERK has always been sucsessful and convenient for us", says Sture Jensen. "Thanks to good skill and delivery on time, we have had a more than ten-years relationship with infoWERK, and it will continue".????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Company History:
Wideroes Flyveselskap AS was founded on February 19th, 1934 by five enthusiastic friends. One of them was Viggo Wideroe. In the beginning the company was located at Ingierstrand outside Oslo and initially operated air taxi, ambulance, school transport services and aerial photo flights. In the 1950s the activity increased substantially. The seaplane routes in Northern Norway along with the maintenance operations at Fornebu was driving most of the income. The seaplane activity was replaced by short field routes when the government decided to establish smaller airports in the regions. The first four airports were located between Bodo and Trondheim and opened in 1968. In 1970 Wideroe reorganised, as the company wanted to play a leading role in the development of the regional route system. The company has continued to develop and is now established as one of the most major regional transport providers in Norway operating 20 DHC-8 100, 7 DHC-8 300 and 8 DHC-8 Q400 aircraft.

Also we at infoWERK want to thank Sture Jensen and Wideroe for the long relationship, great cooperation and trust in our products.

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