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2006-09-15 07:53:27
i-news issue 06/03

Welcome to the?third issue 2006 of the infoWERK i-news, a quarterly publication highlighting news and information from infoWERK multimedia. We appreciate your feedback and welcome your suggestions for upcoming issues of i-news.

In this issue

2006-07-07, 07:54:49

Global Aviation Training has signed a contract for the use of infoWERK

Global Aviation Training based in Rom/Italy has signed a contract for the use of infoWERK?s Basic Pilot Training. Global Aviation Training will use the Web Based Training for Commercial Pilot Training Instrument Training and ATPL Training.

The training includes Web Based Training, Textbooks, Power Point Presentations and a Question bank for Air Law,? Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational Procedures and Principles of Flight.

Student Progress, Documentation and Communication will be conducted via the costumized infoWERK Learning Management System.

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AeronautX Flight Training uses infoWERK products

AeronautX Flight Training, with it?s? headquarter in Linz/Austria and West? Plam Beach/Florida, uses infoWERK products, like Type Training and Initial Pilot Training, already since several years.


In March, AeronautX has started an initial "Blended FOO/Dispatch" Course using infoWERK?s Web Based Training. With the use of the Web Based Training,? AeronautX is able to offer a highly competive training and a real training solution for its costumers.


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infoWERK has developed an interactive Web Based First Aid Training?

The First Aid Training conforms to the requirments
of JAR OPS 1, and is designed to be used for Initial
Training for Cockpit and Cabin Crews, as well as for
Cabin Crew Recurrent Training.????


The First Aid Training includes Physiology of flight and Hypoxia Medical emergencies in aviation and
Basic First Aid Training including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

For more information please contact us

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Augsburg Airways celebrates "20 year of regular air traffic"???????????????????????

Augsburg Airways was founded as "on request" airline to be able to carry out business flights of employees of the Augsburg Haindl group to D?sseldorf.

In 1986, Augsburg Airways started the regular air traffic on the route Augsburg - D?sseldorf.

Augsburg Airways is a service-oriented, modern and innovative regional airline.

The company allows for the steadily increasing requirements with innovative solutions in the area of job training and advanced training for the crews and technicians.

infoWERK is proud to be partner of Augsburg Airways in developing the Bombardier Dash 8 Web Based Training. This product runs all over the world at different Dash-8 Operators.

The innovative character of Augsburg Airways was the initial start point to develop this system, which helps to save a lot of money in the training process and gives much more flexibility in training scheduling.

The entire team of infoWERK congratulates Augsburg Airways for the 20th anniversary and we look forward in continuing this successful partnership.

For more information please contact us or trainingcenter@augsburgair.de


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